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Lieu principal de la location de vélo
Station à vélo à la gare de Fribourg en Brisgau
Freiburg im Breisgau avec + 200 vélos disponible

General Terms and Conditions
(Based on German case law)

Contractual Partner
Only persons above the age of 16 who can present a valid European ID card or a valid passport can become contractual partners of the lessor.
Persons below the age of 16 can only hire a bike if they are accompanied by a full-aged supervisor. This person then becomes the lessor's contractual partner.

The lessor is entitled to demand a cash bond from the tenant before handing out the bike. All payments are due upon the conclusion of the contract.
In case of an early return of the bike a partial rent will not be refunded.
The agreed rental period may only be overrun with the previous approval of the rental station.
If the rental period is overrun without notification, a supplement of 10.00€ per day is charged in addition to the regular rent. If the rental station is not given notice until 48 hours after the agreed time of return, the rental station will report to the police.

In case of reservation, a right to withdraw from the contract does only exist if the tenant calls or informs the rental station in person. If the tenant makes use of his right of withdrawal he or she is obligated to compensate the lessor with an expense allowance. The allowance is calculated as follows:Withdrawal more than seven days before the rental period -10% of total sum; min. 10,- €
Withdrawal within 48 hours before the rental period -50%
Non-appearence -100%

The tenant uses the rental property exclusively at his or her own risk.
The rental station is only liable for deliberate action and gross negligence.
We are not answerable for delays we are not responsible for (such as traffic jams, road closures or accidents).
We do not accept liability for damage resulting from a mishap. Potential minor mishaps (e.g. flat tyres) have to be considered as usual and remain the tenant's risk.
The tenant is liable to the rental station for the rental property he was ceded for use and in case of theft or damage has to pay the original price plus any assembly costs and administration expenses.
The tenant's liability does also include costs covering expert consultations, decrease in value or loss of rent.

Duties of the tenant
By signing the contract the tenant confirms receiving the rental property in a flawless and undamaged state.
The tenant declares that he or she knows how to handle the items left to him or her.
The bike must be returned in the very same state in which it was handed out.
In order to prevent damages, the tenant has to follow all the regulations and technical rules applicable.
The use on paths off the beaten trails for sporting competitions as well as subletting are forbidden without the prior written consent of the rental station.
The rental property has to be treated with care and must be secured against theft. While not being used the bike has to be secured with a lock and attached to fast objects (e.g. fences, poles, etc.) in a reasonable manner.
In case of theft or accidents including other traffic participants,the tenant is obligated to file charges with the police and inform the rental station immediately. The police report and a detailed written damage report has to be handed over to the rental station promptly.
If upon the return of the bike any of the accessories which the tenant was handed out are not returned an appropriate compensation will be charged.
Only with the prior consultation of the lessor and a calculation of the returing costs a different place of return can be arranged.
When the rental property is returned the tenant has to bring his copy of the contract.
The bikes must be returned in a clean state; against a payment of at least 7.00€ per bike the cleaning can also be undertaken by the lessor.
The lessor points out that mountain bikes are not designated for the use in public road traffic.

General Remarks
The tenant agrees that the rental station may electronically store and process his or her personal data for its own purposes. The tenant's data will not be passed on to third parties. Should any of the regulations listed above not be legally valid, the residual ones remain unaffected.
The place of jurisdication is Freiburg im Breisgau.

Effective Juli 2015




Impressum: Fernando Schüber - Wentzingerstr. 15 - 79106 Freiburg
Tel. 0176-54329898